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I have a core three or four people that have worked with me since the beginning. SN: What are the target states you're looking to get regulated in this year? As 2020 nears, Feldman and Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship continue to trend upwards. It was KnuckleMania, a tremendous event for us. But there is always room for improvement of something different. We skipped January, then we did February around the Superbowl. We market the way we want to market, we use some fighters from mixed martial arts and from boxing. Same with boxing. It also creates a sense of urgency going into the final round if one fighter has been knocked down in a previous round, or it's obvious that a fighter is down on the scorecards or if it's two rounds a piece going into the fifth round. This page was last edited on 2 May 2023, at 04:19. Im not going to say that we will take them. UFC veteran Felipe Colares dead at 29 after being hit by bus. The thing about BKFC is that we stay in our own lane. Every time I get a nasty email, or a Facebook message, people saying, This isnt going to last, its a gimmick, this and that, it just drives me more and more to make it something more legitimate, he said. BKFC boss David Feldman (Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship), Wrestling World Champions and their women. Enter your email address to receive exclusive content from CVV! Despite his considerations of discontinuing the promotion, he finally opted to stick with the original plan. [16], BKFC holds all bouts in a circular four-rope ring, referred to as the "Squared Circle". Free Sign Up. What does it mean to youthat you're starting to expand into different states? We have a tremendous team, they did a really good job of coming together and having each others back. UFC Fight Night 223 winners and losers react on social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. [7] BKFC recognizes the Police Gazette champions, and they may defend their titles within this promotion. Sep 13, 2022. Felipe Colares, a former UFC fighter, has died. Until I can change their lives and change my life at the same time, leave money for the next generation, thats when I know it is time to go. [6] The Bare-Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame recognized this milestone and awarded the victor of this contest, Bec Rawlings, with the National Police Gazette World Diamond Belt several days after her victory. Mike Perry is nursing an injury after the one he gave Luke Rockhold at BKFC 41 this past Saturday. I then ask Which do you think is harder? In June I expressed how the sport skyrocketed after Malignaggi vs. Lobov, including my five takeaways from the historic event. Home Services Magazine It was faced paced, exciting, shorter rounds and closer atmosphere. The elder Feldman was a middleweight boxer who went on to train popular Philadelphia fighters, including Prince Charles Williams, who held the IBF light-heavyweight belt from 1987 to 1993. Now, you're doing events in Florida too. Feldman spent a lot of time trying to grow the niche sport of bare knuckle boxing within the combat sports world. From there things have just started to explode. Its simply something I believe has to be done, Feldman said in an interview with MMA Junkie. Feldman is the son of Marty Feldman, a widely respected boxing trainer and member of the Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. Stewart claims that he and Feldman first discussed the prospect of conducting bare-knuckle contests in 2012 and that the conversation continued throughout the rest of 2012. he does hope it can provide a solid safety net in times of need. "Look, it might not be life-changing for them, but at that time, it could be," Feldman said. Right now, we're doing Florida again. Sometimes, they have stick with the path theyve paved while BKFC has been able to still mold its identity from show to show. 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Russell Peltz Celebrates Half Century in Boxing. But you know I am a passionate person. That deal came together a year after BKFC put on one of the most talked about cards in all of combat sports when Artem Lobov faced off with former boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi. With another action-packed month of MMA in the books, MMA Junkie looks at the best knockouts from April 2023. When COVID came, it was really just another speedbump. So what does he like about it? Then boom, he would crack it. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Finally, there are no politics and network issues preventing the best possible matchups. This is a BETA experience. SN: What are the type of fighters who you're looking to bring in? By that time I am sure we are really going to change the minds of a lot of people., Justin Gaethje responds to Michael Chandler: Hes slandering my name. But it didnt have the atmosphere as much there. Once I can make a difference in their lives while also making a difference in my own, and leave money for the next generation, I know it is time to depart. By then, I am confident that we will have successfully changed the attitudes of a significant number of individuals.. Our team is getting bigger and better and better. In the Squared Circle, which is a customized circular four-rope ring, each bout takes place in front of an audience. Bare-knuckle fighting has long been an underground hit, but until last March, when Wyoming got into the game, no state or federal body had legally sanctioned it. Its kind of like a baby to me. His . A number of UFC veterans have tested their skills under the BKFC banner, including Mike Perry, Chad Mendes, Artem Lobov, Jason Knight, Paige VanZant, Rachael Ostovich, Bec Rawlings, and more. Justin Thornton died as a result of spinal injury suffered during his BKFC debut. I was offered a lot of money just last week to sell, Feldman said to Van Vliet. "On information and belief, Feldman has transferred Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship to other entities in order to defraud Stewart of his forty percent interest in the business," the complaint alleges. He joins Chris Van Vliet from Philadelphia, PA to talk about how BKFC has become the fastest growing sport in the world, the struggles he went through to get it sanctioned, what signing Paige Van Zant meant for the company, the offer they made to Mike Tyson to have a bare knuckle fight, the 5-year plan for him and BKFC, why he feels this is safer than MMA or boxing and much more! While Stewart does not appear to be in possession of a written contract, he claims Feldman sent a "Bare Knuckle, LLC., Event Partnership Agreement" identifying Stewart as a Member in advance of BKFC's inaugural event in Wyoming. Nguyen was stripped of the title in June 2021 after he and the organization were not able to reach agreement on new contract. Your voluntary contribution supports our efforts to deliver content that engages and helps strengthen the Jewish community in the Philadelphia area. I have a core three or four people that have worked with me since the beginning. They both have a killer instinct as you saw with Jim Alers jumping off in each and every one of his fights trying to crack the guys. We had no idea about that. Feldman maintains that his firm is just doing well financially and that he merely wants to give back to the sportsmen who have helped him. How To Watch, Who Is Fighting & More! He just moves forward and he fights. Were doing an event in Thailand in December. We just made a big splash that day. On June 24, 2022, Luis Palomino, Lightweight Champion, won the Welterweight Championship and becomes the first double champion in BKFC History. I would do two simple things. Earlier this month, BKFC executives announced a fighter pension plan that would begin with the organizations BKFC 17 event on April 30 in Birmingham, Alabama, and run until the end of the year. Are you looking to expand into kickboxing and possibly jiu jitsu? What he is most remembered for in the world of mixed martial arts, especially to fans of the major promotion companies that grow in popularity each year, is a comment he made in 1996. Did Mike Tyson want to get hit with a bare knuckle at his age? ", "Bare Knuckle FC 3 Complete Guide! Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship presents its first event of 2021 on Friday night with its biggest show to date, KnuckleMania, from the RP Funding Center in Lakeland, Fla. . Feldman is the founder and CEO of Official Celebrity Boxing. But I would love to be continually involved with it in some way, shape or form. Steven Muehlhausen is a contributing writer for DAZN News. They agreed to a 40% stake each of the business and 20% would go to a third party. David feldman bkfc net worth is estimated to be around $500K. Copyright 2005-2023 PYGOD Network. It set up a good lead into this fight.. I hatched it and made it happen. [8] In February, 2019, former UFC light heavyweight title contender Anthony Johnson announced that he will be joining the company in an administrative role. In the first ever event in June 2018, Joey Beltran and . This whole thing has been a risk. The only thing we have more of is more lacerations. Each fight takes place in a specialized circular four-rope ring, referred to as the "Squared Circle. BKFC 1, which took place on June 2, 2018, featured the first American sanctioned women's bare-knuckle fight in modern history. So I said lets do a live event where we can have fans. . Oops. So, that's just one step into getting New York. Feldman represented that BKFC needed immediate funding to be able to continue its operations, planning and holding events and for the viability of the League in general. [17], 1. def. David Feldman is the Founder and President of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. According to Stewart, Feldman now holds BKFC events through a different business entity than the original Wyoming events. We have a fantastic staff, and they did a fantastic job of coming together and supporting one another during the process. So I then gave the next two and a half years just trying to get this thing going. So, you know, it's a two-way thing that we're doing to develop this company right now. Feldman promises thats just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the plans he has in place for BKFC as he continues to conquer new mountains in the combat sports space. I mean, its truly been an unbelievable experience that I could never have imagined when the idea for this project first came to me. MetroKids In September 2022 it was announced by David Feldman that BKFC had acquired the U.K. based Bare Fist Boxing Association (BFBA) forming Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship UK (BKFC UK). Credit to founder and president David Feldman and his . We never thought it was going to get here this fast, but it did. Baltimores Child The president of BKFC talks with Sporting News ahead of Saturday night's BKFC 10 event. Many sportsbooks including BetOnlineare providing odds for the BKFC events including tonights Lobov vs. Knight main event in Biloxi. President David Feldman discusses the challenges and the future of BKFC ahead of its second event. he's making memories that will keep him busy in the bare-knuckle ring. Now, because we were lucky enough to acquire the consulting of Dr Don Muzzi, who is the president of the Association of Ringside Physicians. Our streaming service is performing admirably. We have two very big either platform or network deals in talks right now and hoping to close that out within the next 30 to 60 days. You are still required to renew your free subscription. But we are here just to do our thing. How To Watch, Who Is Fighting & More! One wonders what he would make of David Feldmans venture. Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship is only days away from its biggest event to date this Saturday with BKFC 41, which is a co-main event headlined by two former UFC . However, while he does not claim that the pension would make BKFC fighters wealthy at the conclusion of their careers, he does expect that it will serve as a reliable safety net in times of need. It is a requirement that each fighter must start each round with their front foot on their scratch line. BKFCs interest has grown overseas as well with a lot of interest in Europe and Asia, where international rights are in demand to not only broadcast the events, but to host live events in the future. We're growing exponentially, only way faster than we ever thought we were going to be. These scratch lines are based on the Broughton Rules, which governed bare knuckle fighting in the 19th century. According to Forbes, plaintiff, Edward Stewart, and Feldman began discussing bare-knuckle events back in 2012. It was a turning year for us. 2 talking about this. Still, Feldman believed that with the correct promotion, along with the best possible matchups, people would be drawn to bare-knuckle fighting. It also keeps the crowd engaged and it's nearly impossible to have a snoozer. A lot of guys might go I dont want competition I want competition. He doesnt have that in him. Born October 4, 1970, Broomall, Pennsylvania, United States. Stewart subsequently purportedly received $26,500 worth of payments from Feldman, "allegedly for a return on Stewart's ownership of 40% of BKFC." He also claims to have been provided a profit and . We are the new kid on the block. Apr 26, 2023. BKFC boss David Feldman is a boxing promoter (since 2012) and a former pro boxer with a 4-1 record (1993-2003). Glorifying bloodsport. We found a place in Oxford Mississippi. He continued to explain how the acquisition by Triller will not change how BKFC events are currently promoted, nor cause a change in broadcasting plans. I dont mean we overpaid what her value to us is, I mean we overpaid her compared to what other people were going to pay her. During 2021, David Feldman, on behalf of the Defendants, approached principals of Inferno seeking funding for the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship League. His son, David Jr., had just been born after the fifth, and the dynamic between him and his father had deteriorated. Feldman is still looking to get into Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Unfortunately, MMA Fighting's resident PPV expert Dave Meltzer is reporting that BKFC 6 sold a starkly different number of units than Feldman's estimate: just 18,000. And then next month, we do Wichita, Kansas. BKFC president David Feldman reveals why Luke Rockhold couldn't continue in BKFC 41 main . DF: It is phenomenal for us because every time we get to grow this new territory. Washington Family Magazine For each BKFC battle, money will be deposited in a pension account, from which they will be able to collect when they reach the age of retirement.. I really, truly just take it one day at a time but were planning, Feldman said. SN: I remember when we talked last year, you were only in WyomingandMississippi. Eighteen months to two years from now, were going to be a major major player in combat sports.. We're doing everything right. DF: I mean, everybody wants Nevada. David Feldman grew up the son of a boxing trainer and became a professional boxer himself, going 4-1 in his career. This is something I believe needed to be done, and I am delighted that we are the first combat sports promotion to do so in the history of the sport.. McCain eventually recanted the sport had cleaned up, he said but the phrase remained. Rockhold started showing his face to the referee in the second round, and after the fight was stopped, Luke said he could not continue the bout. After first receiving approval to hold a sanctioned event in Cheyenne, Wyoming, BKFC held the first state sanctioned bare-knuckle boxing event in the United States since 1889. He didnt expect to like promoting, and he still doesnt like promoting qua promoting. Sign up for the Washington Jewish Week, PHILADELPHIA JEWISH EXPONENT IS HERE FOR YOU. The pension plan does not take a portion of a fighters earnings, according to Feldman, but rather the organization has committed to matching a proportion of current contracts in order to put money into the pension account. He always believed that his brother was the favorite, and after some things happened in the gym, he was finished. The offer was official, we talked to the team a couple of times. https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2022/02/bkfc-news-david-feldman-announces-triller-acquired-majority-stake-of-bare-knuckle-fighting-championship, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images). The data is the data, it is what it is. DF: I think it was actually the Artem Lobov vs. Jason Knight fight. It was a gruesome scene for a featherweight title bout at UWC 43 when Jos Pealozas ear exploded. Ryan Nixon/BKFC. It was certainly a gamble at the time considering the kind of resistance mixed martial arts faced for years after being banned in numerous states in the U.S. not to mention countries around the world. So, I think just combating that and finding different platforms. The third fighter to mention is David Feldman, who recently took home $1 million after winning the main event at BKB 12: USA vs UK 2. Copyright 2023 Sporting News Holdings Limited. Perry took the win by TKO. How is he telling us that bare knuckle is safer. Imagine I am going into a board of commissioners, ten of them, and I say I want you to sanction bare knuckle fighting, because its safer than boxing and MMA. They are looking at me like what is wrong with this dude? The upstart promotion has since held nine more events giving fans such notable scraps as Joey Beltran vs. Tony Lopez 1 and 2 and Conor McGregor protg Artem Lobov vs. Jason Knight 1 and 2 as well as a Lobov grudge match with former boxing champion and one-time McGregor sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi. ONEs Chatri Sityodtong decided not to submit our final offer to Francis Ngannou after meeting. And on that same shows where we're building our undercard, we're building our future stars. Some have been working for free for more than two years. WWE 2K20 2K Showcase: The Women's Evolution Trailer. It is the largest bare knuckle boxing promotion company in the world, and has featured notable talents such as Luis Palomino, Elvin Leon Brito, Jim Alers, Artem Lobov, Ricco Rodriguez, Charles Bennett, Kendall Grove, Chris Lytle, Joe Riggs, Chase Sherman, Leonard Garcia, Eric Prindle, Joey Beltran, Bec Rawlings, Shannon Ritch, Reggie Barnett Jr., Bobby Gunn, Jason Knight, Johnny Bedford, Paulie Malignaggi, Rolando Dy, Reza Goodary, Souris Manfredi, Fani Peloumpi, Steve Banks, Sirimongkol Singmanasak, Buakaw Banchamek, Saenchai, Robert Morrow, and Chris Leben. Its got that little bit of brutality to it. I saw the UFC did one, it was tremendous and it was great for them to set the tone. We get the local fans and local community involved.

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