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For instance, about six of the maps are relevant, others may be relevant, but for now do not appear to be. People off his Mine that he cover up with a ironwood tree :The books give me my The story of the Peralta Stones is that they lead you to a small almost invisible ledge, like a small birds nest perched in the middle of a forest of giant oaks concealed by the natural elements, it obscures itself from all beasts of prey especially man. Furthermore, Wilburn stated that geology indicates that there is no gold in the Superstition Mountains, which are igneous in origin. Even if the stories of soldiers looking specifically for the Lost Dutchman mine are true, there's no evidence they actually found anything at all and didn't just move on empty-handed, no mysterious deaths required. To determine if the skull was Ruth's, it was examined by Dr. Ale Hrdlika, a well-respected anthropologist who was given several photos of Ruth, along with Ruth's dental records. Jacob Waltz took to returning to the mountains only when he needed the gold. ZERO ZIP NADA!! Museum Members are FREE. Years later, a man called Dr. Thorne treats an ailing or wounded Apache (often alleged to be a chieftain) and is rewarded with a trip to a rich gold mine. According to legends, a man named Jacob Waltz, the titular Dutchman (though he was actually German and not Dutch), came to America to seek out his fortune around the 1860s, according to Lost Dutchman State Park. This problematic paradox, I believe, is the product of years of misdirection to steer seekers to the west side of the mountains. It is known as the Pit Mine because of the funnel like shape it was dug in, which was common in Spanish and Mexican mining. [13] In most versions of the tale, Jacob Waltz locates a rich gold mine in the Superstition Mountains (in many versions of the story, they rescue or help a member of the Peralta family and are rewarded by being told the location of the mine). In fact, the location fits well for both the Doc Thorn and the Two Soldiers stories. But there's no evidence he was any sort of engineering or mining genius like some legends claim. There have been many stories about how to find the mine, and each year people search for the mine. Intrigue Journal. There have been many stories about how to find the mine, and each year people search for the mine. Traditionally, the mountains were deemed to be part of the Slieve Felim Mountains. "Dutchman's Gold" was a chart hit in 1960 for, "When the Man Comes, Follow Him" episode of the, "The Peralta Map" episode of the CBS Radio series, The Lost Dutchman Mine ride was a popular attraction at, The Lost Dutchman's Mine features prominently in the, The Lost Dutchmans Mine is the subject of Season 6, Episode 10 of podcast Unexplained. Dec 4, 2008 4,168 3,192. His expeditions led to the discovery of several of what he called Spanish mines which, at the time, was in contradiction to accepted history. It is a prominent landmark located generally south and east of the Salt River, rising approximately 3,000 feet (910 m) above the Salt River Valley. By Catharina Moh. He pursued mining and prospecting, but seems to have had little luck with either. Legends have. Everyone loves a good treasure hunting story. He turned out to be the surviving Peralta, and, to express his gratitude, he gave them directions to his familys gold mine in the Superstition Mountains. Nov 19, 2003 #8. Kinos Mission San Xavier del Bac near Tucson unlike other missions in California was both massive and opulent, and still stands today. Also, there's no documentation showing he ever filed a claim for a mine in the Superstitions or any paperwork showing where he allegedly sold mass amounts of gold. This, of course, is how the Dutchman is supposed to havereally found his treasure. To paraphrase an old Dutch Hunter, I dont know where the Dutchman is, but I know a thousand places it isnt! The meaning here is that gold can only exist in a prerequisite set of geological conditions. Frank Jacobs. When the townspeople went to look for them, they found nearly all of the family slaughtered. . It seems likely there was no Dr. Thorne, but there was a doctor in New Mexico who told a similar tall tale, except he was kidnapped by the Navajo tribe in his story. There have been many books, films, and cartoons about the Lost Gold of the Superstition Mountains. (2004). The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine (also known by similar names) is, according to legend, a rich gold mine hidden in the southwestern United States. While Francisco Coronado did exist and did explore what is now the southwestern United States, there's nothing indicating he ever visited the Superstitions. This is what brought him to the Superstition Mountains (yes, that's their real name) near what is today the city of Phoenix, Arizona. The conquistador and his men arrived and made their way deep into the mountains, despite the warnings of danger from the local Apache. John D. Wilburn in his book Dutchman's Lost Ledge of Gold (1990), wrote that the Bulldog Gold Mine near Goldfield, Arizona, fits very well the description Jacob Waltz gave as the location of his 'lost mine'. "Dutchman" was a common American term for a German ("Dutch" being the English cognate to the German demonym "Deutsch", and not a reference to the Dutch people). This beautiful program is designed to start with a famous Arizona sunset draping gracefully over the Superstition Mountains, and end under the light of the full moon. At the low elevations, you will encounter tall saguaro cactusand Ponderosa pines at higher levels, and these are generally near the streams. Click here for Part Eleven ofThe Lost Dutchman Mine. They planned to return, but once they left, they were never seen again. It appears no one ever bothered to just ask the Native Americans in the area if the mountains were sacred. Among the many legends to have emerged from the area, one of the most enduring ones is that of The LostDutchmansGold Mine. The early Spanish the Peraltas the Jesuits and many others all came to the Superstition Mountains looking for legendary gold. OH, I almost forgot there is no cell phone service absolutely none. According to Thomas, it was on his deathbed that Jacob Waltz shared the story of his secret mine, and even provided a map to it filled with clues. For over a century, treasure hunters have sought the treasures supposedly lost in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, but what do we really know about the events surrounding this tale? , The Waterbury Democrat. Over the next few weeks we will provide some images and photos taken at or very near the site. James Rogers was the man who actually discovered the ledge and he became a partner with Enslinger. In fact, Julia Thomas was the very first so-called "dutch hunter," combing through the mountains and seeking the lost gold. Another well-known Dutch Hunter, Jack San Felice, boldly made the case for the Pit Mine in his book. However, the Peralta Mine eventually became unprofitable and after the money was gone Miguel Peralta turned to fraud. According to some storytellers, in September 1848, a band of Apaches slaughtered the entire Peralta Family, except one (someone had to live to tell the tale). Another well-known Dutch Hunter, Jack San Felice, boldly made the case for the Pit Mine in his bookThe Lost El Dorado of Jacob Waltz. These cookies do not store any personal information. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Ruth did not return as scheduled, and no trace of him could be found after a brief search. They either mined or found enormous gold deposits in the Superstition Mountains. No, were not really a mining company. Thus, it seems these Jesuit priests might have stashed their treasure somewhere in the mountains as they passed through, thus ensuring the Spanish empire couldn't get their hands on the Jesuit fortune. Dr. George M. Willing Jr. paid Peralta $20,000 for the mining rights for an enormous swath of land about 3,000,000 acres (12,000km2) in southern Arizona and New Mexico based on a deed originally granted by the Spanish Empire in the 18th century. Sep 2, 2019 5 6 . This is trails end; this is the domain of the Dutch Hunters. each. The Peralta Stones are a set of engraved stone tableted works that are approximately 18 inches long and weigh about 25 lbs. Waltz found it in the mountains and came to grab gold out of it as needed. If these conditions do not exist, gold will not exist. The Dutchman Crazy Jake Adolph Ruth Train Robberies Indian Wars Ted DeGrazia. Votes: 53 The stories differ from here onward. Forums. Thorne sold the ore for $6000 and became a wealthy man. It can also be a touchy subject to broach, depending on who you are speaking with. He had acquired maps that he was sure would lead him straight to the gold. After the conquistadors and priests are purported to have come and gone from the Superstition Mountains, legend tells of another group who arrived sometime in the earlier half of the 1800s. In fact, the Dutchman lies on the eastern edge of the Superstitions, a few miles southwest of Iron Mountain. Supposedly, the Peraltas actually found a very rich gold vein and set up a mining operation. In some versions, he's not just a man but the chieftain of the Apache tribe. Julia, whose occupation is sometimes listed as a nurse and sometimes as a baker, took care of Waltz late in life and the two became close friends. [42] The park was expanded to 320 acres (130ha) in 1983. Elevation: 6,001 Feet (1,829 Meters) Primary Mineral: Copper Lat, Long: 46.3369, -113.26190 Map: View on Google Maps Animals like deer coyotes, pumas and bobcats live here, existing alongside birds, rodents, snakes, and other reptiles. A few folks who had claims prior to 1983 were allowed to continue to work them for a time, but I don't believe any of those claims are still being worked today. Jesse Feldman, son of Ron Feldman, indicated his belief that the mine was in the Rogers Trough area in his book, . While walking thru the shaft holding a digging iron one day, I was tapping the floor to make sure it was solid. A lack of historical records leaves uncertainty as to whether a Peralta family ever had possession of land, or mines, in or near the Superstition Mountains. Adults $7.00 Cravey said he would walk out of the mountains on June 28, 1947. Intrigue Journal. When I started this series on the Lost Dutchman Mine, I opened with the claim that the mine had been located, which I believe to be true. Superstition Mountain hasan elevation of 5,024 feet. of Mines and Mineral Resources Bureau of Mines and Mining Field Engineers Report Silver Chief 1979, 1980 as being among the mines to have been revisited during that 1979 silver boom. January 1933 a Mining electrican named J.A. Though the remains had been scattered by scavengers, they were undoubtedly Ruth's. The Legend Of The Lost Dutchman And His Gold Mine Explained, ever filed a claim for a mine in the Superstitions. As a counter to Ed Piper, we have Celeste Jones, who was kind of a cult leader from California who . [26], Blair wrote that "the national wire services picked up the story [of Ruth's death] and ran it for more than it was worth", possibly seeing the mysterious story as a welcome reprieve from the bleak news that was otherwise typical of the Great Depression. No one knows for sure, but his disappearance and death, while better-documented than other legends revolving around the Lost Dutchman's gold mine, may have simply furthered the legend and put even more treasure seekers in danger. Now riddled with tunnels, the mountain is a death trap for the . Willing died in 1874 before there had been a thorough investigation of the documents or opportunity to cross examine him on the stand as was later done with Reavis. The 500-year-old mines of Bolivia's Cerro Rico mountain produced the silver that once made the Spanish empire rich. Now the Last Similarities There is a Company that claims there millions of tons of copper under a Area in the Superstition's. They tested that area, it just so happens to be a Area the Mexicans mined back in the day. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Here's the thing about the Julia Thomas map to the Lost Dutchman's gold mine, which is still sold and used today: Jacob Waltz didn't actually draw it. The mine is named after German immigrant Jakob Waltz (c. 18101891), who purportedly discovered it in the 19th century and kept its location a secret. The stories of conquistadors and Jesuits bearing gold are completely unverifiable without documentation or archaeological evidence. There is a lot of speculation about Aaron Mason and his involvement, but one interesting fact is that the man became a millionaire during this time. A two-room rock house in a cave across the canyon from the mine, The peak of Weavers needle being visible from the top of the mine, The military trail being visible below, but not vice versa, It being in a smaller east-west canyon inside a north-south running canyon, The case for the Pit Mine is not new, in fact it has been an open secret for quite some time. The area is filled with ghost tales, monster . There's no evidence they ever came to Arizona at all. While not unique features, they are extremely consistent with Jacob Waltzs descriptions. They removed his blindfold and let him take away as much as he could carry. These trails traverse from the desert floor up into the edges of the mountains. Arcana has had the luxury of having had the site location for over three years, and for this reason we have been able to reverse engineer, historical information and put many of the pieces together. We will share as much as we can for now, but as I stated earlier we are preparing for a return trip, and the location has to remain secret. He is blindfolded and taken there by a circuitous route, and is allowed to take as much gold ore as he can carry before again being escorted blindfolded from the site by the Apaches. This is considered to be the starting and gathering point for most Dutch Hunters. He further stated, after examining the two holes [in the skull], that it appeared that a shotgun or high-powered rifle had been fired through the head at almost point-blank range, making the small hole when the bullet entered and the large hole when it exited".[23]. In fact, after five years including thousands of hours of research and then four expeditions starting in 2015, The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine has been found by Arcana Exploration and Discovery. Thorne claimed that he was taken captive by Navajos in 1854, and that during his captivity he had discovered a rich gold vein. Just to connect some dots, Mason was the fellow who staked the two soldiers who turned up dead while seeking their lost bonanza. Web. And is that information relevant? You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Within the refuge are 14 trail heads that cover 190 miles. Due to the out-of-control fire, the Arizona authorities were forced to close the State Route 88, and, along with it, public access to the Canyon, Apache Lake, Apache Campground, picnic sites, and trailheads. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Rogers was partnered with Aaron Mason, foreman of the Silver King mine. Supposedly a mine with fabulously rich gold deposits. Depending on the season, you'll see not only gorgeous desert vegetation but also wildlife. "The St. Johns herald. Two prominent landmarks here are the Weavers Needle and the Miners Needle. Other storytellers claim that the Peralta Family escaped with gold, but another family died in the massacre. A doctor from Illinois, Doctor Abraham Thorne, provided his service to treat the indigenous people of the Southwest. In January 1932, human remains were discovered about three-quarters of a mile (1.21km) from where the skull had been found. Choice of of building material I like Ironwood +, There is a typo that should be alpha mine not alfa mine. In the year 1870, with his consent, they blindfolded him and took him on a 20-mile trip to an unknown location piled with gold ore. There's the thrill of the hunt, solving the clues, and what could be a better payoff than a big cache of riches? Blair suggested that "fragments of this legend have perhaps become attached to the mythical mine of Jacob Waltz".[6]. He really did emigrate from Germany, though this seems to have occurred decades before the legends claim, because there are verified documents showing he filed to become an American citizen in 1848, long before he supposedly arrived in 1860, according to the Superstition Mountain Museum. However, there were no directions to the conquest mentioned in his diary. The Superstitions Mountains lie within the Tonto National wildlife refuge and consist of 242 square miles not counting other designated and preserved areas that boarder the Tonto National Forest and wildlife refuge. Reports of inexplicable sounds, sightings, and events have led to claims of supernatural beings and even aliens. Many people have died trying to find it over the years, and, even with all the modern technology at our disposal today, the exact location of the mine in the vast wilderness still remains an enigma. The Superstition Mountain Mining Company (SMMC) No, we're not really a mining company. Apache Junction, AZ 85119-8409, Phone options: Full Moon Hike at Lost Dutchman. 4: Volunteer Coordinator Today along route 88 is a pull off gravel road, that leads out behind the Lost Dutchman Museum, you follow it to a designated area, here you will find marked trail signs with trails simply marked as the Massacre Grounds.. Further legends claim the conquistador and his men were bearing their own reserves of gold, looted from previous expeditions, but ended up leaving it behind when they escaped whatever was killing them. Ask any prospector and they will tell. Also, as previously mentioned, no Native American tribes in the region seem to have any history of treating the mountains as anything other than regular mountains. Researchers point to an old beliefby local farmersthat the nearby Pima Native American tribe were superstitious about the mountains. Within the refuge are 14 trail heads that cover 190 miles. As early as September 1, 1892, The Arizona Enterprise was reporting on the efforts of Thomas and several others to locate the lost mine whose location was told to her by Waltz. Superstition Mountains - Ghost, lost mines, murder and mayhem. Additionally, there is a partial tunnel, or drift, in the canyon below that moves in the direction of the main shaft and was crudely walled up. When you visit, follow the hard rock mining process from mine to bullion. Finally, there really was a successful gold mining family named Peralta, but they were in California, not Arizona, according to Gold Rush Nuggets. To recoup the costs of the search, Julia Thomas actually began to make handmade copies of Waltz's map and sell it to others. Your browser doesn't support the HTML5 CANVAS tag. The legend of the Lost Dutchman's gold mine is a quintessential version of just such a story. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Another detail which casts doubt on the story is the fact that, according to Blair, there was never any Dr. Thorne in the employ of the Army or indeed of the Federal Government in the 1860s. In 1875, James Rogers made a claim there and dubbed it The Silver Chief. In the weeks and months to come we will use much of the historical information, and show how it ties directly to what we have found. As the mountains have a desert climate and few water resources, there is not much vegetation here. 2: Cashiers for questions about whats happening at the museum and local area Arcana Exploration is made up of a group of five friends and supporters, from central Ohio, who until five years ago knew very little if anything about the LDM. So what do we really know about these legends, Waltz, and the Superstition Mountains? Combine these with the legends of the indigenous Pima Indians and the mountains live up to their name. The Superstition Mountain Historical Society was formed on December 27, 1979. FREE with paid Adult The legend of the lost gold continued to attract people, and, in 1932, a veterinarian in the Park Service, Adolph Ruth, decided to go treasure hunting. Ask any prospector and they will tellyou,gold is where you find it. As Curt Gentry wrote, "Dr. Hrdlicka positively identified the skull as that of Adolph Ruth. (St. Johns, Apache County, Arizona Territory [Ariz.]) 18851903, September 8, 1892, Image 2", Dunning, B.

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